Haircut style all type of haircuts from conservative to fades, straight razor on the edge included, and styling the hair, hot towel clean up after each haircut

Straight Razor Shave

Hot lather and hot towel perpetration before start shaving, with a straight razor come with a shave relieve balm after the shave.   A classic oil after shave for a long lasting shave resistant.

Beard Trim 1/2 Shave

Clipper to trim the hair and preparation of the skin with hot towel.  Use a elegance shaving gel to line up the bread.  Finishing with hot towel clean up with a shave relieve balm and base on oil aftershave.

Edge Up

Is a small trim up on edge of the hair and line up with straight razor or clipper (customer preference).  A clean up with hot towel and styling the hair.